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Tired of Cooking? Feeling guilty from ordering out? Order your On Demand Chef instead!

Come home to a refrigerator stocked with well-balanced meals that will satisfy you and your family!

We will send a chef to your home to prepare healthy and tasty meals weekly or at your convenience.


How does it work?

Your meal options, just pick one of the following: 

When you book your appointment, we will ask for your specific meal selections

a) Tell us 4 specific meals that you want prepared or send us your recipes  (i.e. I want chicken with quinoa, salmon with roasted veggies, etc)

b) Tell us a theme (I want kid-friendly Italian-inspired recipes, Classic American, etc)

c) Choose 4 meals from our weekly menu below (simply refer to the numbers under the images).



Our pricing

Meet our Chefs

Junior On Demand Chefs

Don't take the Junior title too seriously. Our Junior On Demand Chefs have significant experience in the culinary world! They’ve completed culinary school, gained experience in the restaurant industry and have even travelled the world to learn how to prepare all styles of dishes in a variety of cuisines.

Master On Demand Chefs

Our Master On Demand Chefs are the crème de la crème” culinary talent. They have worked and excelled in the kitchens of some of the best chefs in the United States and Europe, as well as been personal chefs for prominent families in your city. It's OK to spoil yourself with a Master On Demand Chef.


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Note: We currently are only serving in Boston and its suburbs. If you want this on your city, please help us by filling out our waitlist! 

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